Wow is it really January already? It seems like just yesterday we were loading up veggie boxes and pie pumpkins to do our last delivery of the season. Even though it doesn’t seem that long ago, we feel like we have gotten so much accomplished since then. We said goodbye to our friend and intern Drew. Without him, Forager Farm would not have been as  successful as it was. We have been busy winding down 2015: dealing with overflow veggies, delivering orders to Terra Nomad, selling sourdough and storage crops at the UTTC Winter Market, adding laying hens to our farm, and the always fun finishing up our bookkeeping.

But even more exciting we have been gearing up for 2016. We have been reading a few books to make our production better, working on improving our time management, discussing many different delivery options, lining up some wholesale opportunities, as well as looking at our budget.

The new year always brings to mind the hopefulness and opportunity of the upcoming year. In 2015, we had just over 80 members join us on the season’s adventure. This year we are looking to supply CSA shares to 100 members. Our relationship with Terra Nomad will continue, as well as supplying Jamestown Public Schools with fresh veggies and melons. We are also going to be delivering a some produce to the new Bisman Community Food Co-op.

Forager Farm is our dream. We wouldn’t be entering our 3rd season if it wasn’t for our members. We want to continue to create a food community and relationships with our members, increase the food culture, responsibly steward the land, enjoy our everyday work, and make a reasonable living doing it. We have increased our 2016 share prices to enable us to do just that. We are also looking to purchase a tractor for production this year. Early sign up for a CSA share helps us to project production, purchase that tractor and other supplies for the season, and of course secure a share for your family in 2016. We are opening up our shares for a short time first to our returning members. New members are welcome to sign up starting January 6th.



  1. Theresa Grueneich January 4, 2016

    I was in last year with my mom Una Reinhardt who has now passed away. I’m not 100% if I’m gonna do this but would sure like to receive updates and all info since everything was sent to her. Thanks so much!!!

    • hannah January 4, 2016

      Absolutely! I will add your email to this list. Basically all the updates are on Facebook, email, and website so if you don’t check your email often you can just check Facebook or our website. As a returning member you’re able to sign up now, but after tomorrow it will be open to everyone. There have been a few CSAs that are no longer operating in the area so it’s possible we’ll sell out of memberships sooner. There is no cutoff, just open until we sell out.


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