The land we farm has been in Jonathon’s family since 1988. The intensive veggie patch was one of the most underutilized areas on the entire farm. It is about an acre in size making it hard to maneuver larger farm equipment. Since it is surrounded by trees on three sides, it is the perfect sheltered area to grow veggies. Before Jonathon’s grandfather purchased the land, the farmer had used this sheltered area to winter feed his cattle. Thirty years later, we found the remnants of that winter feeding to be some top notch soil to grow veggies in. We have been working diligently to maintain the health of this soil.

We believe in transparent farming practices and being open and honest about all inputs used on our farm.  We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, or any genetically modified seed. We do use composted and aged animal manures as fertilizers, physical barriers and crop rotations as pest and disease deterrents, and if necessary, only use organically-approved sprays. Some of the seed we use is certified organic, some is not. Depends on availability, cost and performance, in practice this means we prefer to use organically certified seed as they carry traits that work well in our farming system. All soil block materials used to grow our seedlings are OMRI approved.  As a practice, our farm records will be available upon request. We welcome any inquires about this stance or about our growing practices.