Farm Update: Delivery Week One

We have finally reached the first week of deliveries of our first year as Forager Farm. It has always felt like a day so far in the future that we may never reach it, but here we are.

We’ve received messages from a handful of members wondering if we will indeed be delivering this week, June 30-July 3, and the answer is yes! We apologize for our delay in getting the message out. It’s been an eventful (and not so eventful) start to the season.

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Since June 18th Forager Farm has received roughly 5 inches of rain. The average rainfall for the entire month of June for our area is 3 inches. Needless to say this has set things back a bit. We started the season a bit on the dry side, but are now saturated with moisture. The fields are muddy and weedy, but holding on.

For this reason, our first week or two of boxes will be a bit on the lighter side. It’s shaping up to be a great season as long as we get some hot sunshine and dry days. We have only had 1 complete crop loss (early spinach due to too much water) and are so thankful there’s not more. We planned to have radish, a favorite amongst flea beetles setting them back a few weeks, and the early zucchini and broccoli are water stressed, meaning the zucchinis are stunted and the broccoli are forming tiny heads.

From the very beginning Jonathon and I have had one goal in mind: to create food relationships that last and foster a community around good food. So we tell you these details not to hand out excuses, but to share with our members the ins and outs of Forager Farm and to strengthen that relationship between food growers and food eaters.

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Here’s what Box One will for sure consist of: a couple different varieties of lettuce and asian greens – pak choi and tatsoi. There’s a possibility, depending on the weather, we’ll be able to include more, but we can confidently say those few things.

Along with the first week’s harvest, the most exciting part for us is getting to meet all of you. Some of you we have met before and others we have not. So far it seems we have been working our butts off for a list of names (Jonathon needed to notch a new hole in his belt so his pants will stay up). And now we finally get to put faces to all the names.

We look forward to getting to know you all this season as well as provide your families with the freshest veg short of growing it yourself.  So here’s to some drier weather (sunny and not too windy) as well as to all of you who have believed in us and our food relationship. See you very soon.



  1. Marney Shirley June 29, 2014

    Where are the Jamestown customers to pick up the produce and what time?
    Marney Shirley

    • hannah June 29, 2014

      Hi Marney – Jamestown members can pick up between 3pm and 6pm at the Farmer’s Union Office at 1415 12th Ave SE. We’ll be sending an email each Monday morning with weekly details, so check in the morning for that as well!

  2. Marney Shirley June 29, 2014

    Thank you … see you tomorrow!

  3. Michelle Farnsworth June 30, 2014

    Hello! I’m so excited to receive our first delivery. I’m wondering where and when Bismarck people can pick-up this week? Maybe you’ve already told us, but I cannot find the information and I’m going out of town.

    Thank you,

    • hannah July 1, 2014

      Hi Michelle! We scheduled an email to go out at midnight this morning, so you should have a message. Please let me know if you did not get it. Bismarck drop-off is Sertoma Park, near shelter 5, today from 3-6pm in conjunction with the BisMarket.

  4. Jennifer Harty July 1, 2014

    Already ate quite a bit of our first delivery and it was great. I’ve never had tatsoi, but enjoyed it a lot! Thanks guys!


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