We’re all about community – without it we couldn’t do what we love. Beyond our CSA members and market customers are our fellow local food producers with goods outside of the produce world. Our farmer friends…

Gabe, Paul & Shalini at Nourished by Nature from Brown’s Ranch
Grass-Finished Beef, Pastured Pork,
Lamb, Poultry, Free-Range Eggs & More…
Delivered to convenient pickup locations throughout North Dakota

John & Annie Carlson of Morning Joy Farm
Pastured eggs, pork, turkey, chicken and grass-fed lamb. They make amazing sausage!
Their buying club has multiple locations – get more info from the link above.

Krista & Jay Reiser of Reiser Ranch
Grass-fed beef and non-GMO grain finished beef

Noreen Thomas and her family of Doubting Thomas Farms
They have a variety of organic and heirloom vegetables, mushrooms, rolled oats, organic flours, barley, blue corn, and dried beans. They also have grass-fed beef and, occasionally, pork, turkey, chicken, and eggs. USDA certified organic. You can get many of their bulk dried goods at the Bisman Community Food Co-op!