Week 3: Postponed

Relying on unpredictable mother nature, fighting off unwanted pests, beating back the ever-growing weeds, plant > water > weed > repeat, all pieces of the farming puzzle. Yet with all the experience and knowledge we’ve gained through years of gardening, we’re always at the mercy of Mother Nature. As all farmers do, we came into the season with a plan, knowing full well that it will more than likely not go accordingly.

After waiting as long as possible to evaluate this week’s supply of veg, we have decided we need to postpone our Week 3 deliveries. Unfortunately, things are not growing as quickly as we’d like. We calculated our weeks of too much water and the weeks we were delayed getting into the field because of the late spring, and we think we’re sitting about 5 weeks behind from what we had planned. With that said, we’re giving the veggies a break this week to grow (hopefully a lot) so that our boxes going forward can have more variety and quantity.

We are doubling down on weeding, fertilizing, and believe it or not watering in order to make the veggies as comfortable as possible. There is lots in the field – everything is just stunted, but coming. We encourage our members to contact us to get more details of how things are going. We want to be as open and honest as we can. After all, you have a share in this farm and are members of a local food community – it’s your right to know!

Below are some photos of what is in the field and how they are progressing. It’s hard to anticipate how quickly they will come to harvest maturity. This was one of the hardest decisions we’ve made so far, but are so encouraged by the continued support and understanding of everyone who has taken a chance on us and our farm. We are continuing to push to make this dream of good local food a reality.


Kaboko Asian Cabbage

Bunching Onions



Swiss Chard



Cucumbers in the hoophouse

Eggplant blossom

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