We are 2 weeks away from our first delivery and oh my I hope you’re excited! This season has been tremendous. All first plantings of crops are in as well as a few extra. Our intensive 1 acre plot is full, with the exception of a few beds and the other 1.5 acre less-intensive plot is all set too, with space leftover for overflow seedlings and some successional plantings.

We’re planning for deliveries to start the week of June 29 – July 3. Jamestown deliveries and on-farm pick-ups will begin Monday, June 29 and Bismarck & Hazen deliveries will begin Thursday, July 2. Should we need to go earlier (we have a few crops that are exploding!) or a week later to provide a more quality box, we’ll make sure you all know.

We’re also excited for this season’s interns. Tyler arrived first at the beginning of May, driving all the way up from Orlando, Florida. And Drew arrived just shy of two weeks ago from Ridgecrest in southern California. It’s amazing the work we’ve accomplished since each of them has arrived.

Tyler, Jonathon & Drew

2015 is shaping up to be a really great season!

With that said, we’re excited to share with you some great news…

When Jonathon and I decided to begin this adventure with Forager Farm, we had 1 large goal in mind. Not to provide vegetables to oodles and oodles of folks, but to provide as much of one’s diet to a set of 100 or so families. A whole diet CSA of sorts…We’d start with vegetables, but work hard to be able to provide eggs, artisan goat milk products (think cheese, yogurt and maybe even milk), pastured pork, and more.

Thanks to some experimental selling at the Winter Farmer’s Market earlier this year, we’re finally able (and so excited!) to include sourdough bread products to the line-up of goods offered here at Forager Farm

As much as we’d love to bake a loaf of bread for each member, we can’t possibly reach that quota with our facilities and workers. So for this year we’ll make it “first some first serve.” Each week we’ll send out an email and posts on social media with a menu of sorts. For example – “This week for the Bismarck drop we have 15 white french loaves available. Head to our website to claim your loaf.”  You’ll then have the chance to claim your loaf on our website where you can either pay with a credit card online, or bring cash/check to the drop. Once those 15 loaves are claimed or bought, we’re sold out for bread that week. To start, only 1 loaf per family. Loaves will start at $6 a piece and will be brought to that week’s delivery.

We’re starting small to see how it goes, but we can’t wait to share this with our members this season!

So if you’re not already member, here’s your chance! We are still accepting members in all locations and for on-farm pick up if you live near the farm. Fresh, local veggies and tasty fresh baked sourdough breads…what’s not to love?!



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