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Opportunistic eater: noun; one who never turns down a free meal. 
(Australian definition)

Our friend, Anne, from Australia used to use the term “opportunistic eater” to describe the farmer we worked for there. Rod never passed up the opportunity for a free meal. He was very capable of preparing a wonderful meal. As the mayor of the shire (yes, local municipality in Australia is called a shire) at the time of our stay, he was invited to many engagements that included a free meal. I always had to chuckle at Anne’s clever use of the term.

Every time I think about food and the way food should be, I think of this term. Not because I think food should be free and fully prepared, but because, to me, this term has always had an alternate meaning than the Australian definition.

Opportunistic eater: noun; an adventurous foodie who can turn a random assortment of fresh ingredients into a delicious meal for friends and family to enjoy.
(Forager Farm definition)

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We are opportunistic eaters. Hunters and gathers of the past were opportunistic eaters. As gardeners, Hannah and I have been opportunistically eating since before we met. We wander out to a little piece of earth, baskets in hand, to see what there is to harvest, to sustain us, to nourish us, to pleasure us. Eating is one of the most intimate relationships we have in this world. It connects us to our roots as biological and spiritual beings.

Forager Farm members are opportunistic eaters. Each week’s box of veggies is a little different than the next. Members are never quite sure what the week’s box might bring. It takes an adventurous soul and a savvy cook to be able to welcome such an opportunity. You have to be able to turn the conventional recipe-ingredient relationship on its head. First you find a recipe, and then you get the ingredients.

Ingredients come first in this adventure. The freshest, most nutritious ingredients money can buy (short of growing them in your backyard). The freshness teases the taste buds. Great ingredients can turn even an average cooks into artisan chefs. Are you up for the adventure?


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