2018 Season Update


The First Day of Spring seems like a good day to share an update on the farm, even if the day is almost over!

At the end of last season, with the upcoming arrival of our daughter, we had decided we’d be taking a step back from vegetable farming. Jonathon had a full time job and we knew we’d be busy learning how to be parents and a family of 3. But after Eadie’s arrival in January and a few other changes in our lives, we found ourselves thinking about vegetable farming again. Eadie agreed  and so the last few weeks we’ve been planning and scheming our 2018 season.

We’re so happy to be growing again, but have decided to change a few things to best suit our family. We will no longer be offering CSA shares, but instead focusing on our wholesale accounts to restaurants, co-ops and farmer’s market. Thank you to all of our past CSA members for supporting us in our last 4 seasons. We’ll share more details in the coming weeks, but for now we’re just excited to share this news.

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