How it all began…

As some of you know, and most of you don’t, at the beginning of this year we spent 6 months on an organic vegetable farm in Australia. It was a trip that will forever define our lives. We managed an operation similar to Forager Farm and without that experience we wouldn’t be where we are today. We recognized the passion we have for local, sustainable food and knew we had to bring that passion back to North Dakota.

A few of our dear friends left us this message and we can’t believe the support we continue to get…all the way from down under! Thank you Marcus & Angie!

“Congratulations you two! We had the pleasure of working very closely with Jonathon and Hannah while they managed the operation of Captains Creek Organic Farm during this past summer season in Australia. They worked hard supplying us (and a number of other organisations) with fresh organic produce and mixed seasonal boxes.

Jonathon and Hannah are friendly, thoughtful and engaging people to work with and we know that they will be putting in 110% effort growing and supplying the best produce to you! We would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Forager Farm to anyone in their local community.

Thank you and thanks again J&H for all your hard work last season.”

Marcus and Angie
Local Organics