Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a personal relationship between a farmer and eater. You join our farm as a member and you get a box of produce each week from the farm throughout the growing season.

It is an intimate connection between our farm and your dinner table.¬†You get the freshest possible ingredients from a farmer that you know (that’s us!) and we get advance knowledge of demand to focus on growing healthy food and getting the food to you.

As CSA farmers we spend money with other local businesses which circulates money in our local economies. We take care of our land. We treat our employees well. You know all this because you can visit us and see for yourself. CSA keeps small scale, local farms in business so we can continue producing food for you.

To be frank, joining a CSA is not the easiest path to eating healthy. You can continue to shop at the grocery store and maybe visit the farmers market a few times throughout the season. However, joining a CSA puts you in partnership with our farm. A CSA membership enriches your life with high quality food as you spend your food dollars in a way that you will feel good about.

The investment you make in our CSA farm is modest compared to supermarket prices. Our Single Share works out to be $21/week, Half Share $26/week and Full Share $39/week. The value that’s in each box far exceeds the weekly cost – food grown with care in local soil and delivered directly to your neighborhood.

Your support makes all the difference and keeps our farm running.

If there is something that is preventing you from joining your CSA farm, you should let us know so we can improve our program in the future!

Happy CSA Day!

xo, your farmers

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