New in 2017!

As many of our past Hazen members know, we’ve been thinking hard about how to make our deliveries to Hazen sustainable. Bottom line, in the 3 years we’ve been delivering to Hazen, we’ve come to realize that the weekly 4 hour roundtrip drive to Hazen is just too much. It pulls us away from other farm duties as we get back very late Thursday nights, making Fridays difficult. Additionally, we won’t have as much farm help as we have in the past making our 2 person Thursday deliveries nearly impossible as we’ve done them in the past.

Based on member feedback and my awesome family, we’ve decided for 2017 to work out the deliveries this way:

  • Members will choose/sign up for 1-2 weeks throughout the entire season that he or she can meet us in Bismarck at our Bismarck CSA drop (Lions Park: Corner of Ave E & 17th St). He or she will bring the Hazen members’ boxes from Bismarck to Hazen to the usual drop-off location (my parent’s house).
  • Bismarck drops are Thursdays 4:30pm-6:00pm.
  • Hazen drops stay the same as last year: Thursdays, 7:30-8:00pm, Sargent Residence (my parents home)
  • Once a month, we will make the trip to Hazen. After all, it’s my home and I love coming home and seeing all of our members…and of course my family!

We know this isn’t ideal for everyone and appreciate that this may not work for everyone’s schedules. Please don’t hesitate to reach out as it’s possible we can work out some arrangement. But without this bit of extra help from our members, we wouldn’t be able to continue our Hazen drop. We hope you understand and can join us this season!

If you have questions or concerns, please email hannah@foragerfarm.com or call 701-880-8223

Thank you to those who have signed up already! If you’re ready to join us, click here!