Forager Farm is proud to be a producer for the Jamestown Public School district as part of the ND Farm to School program. We started in 2014 and our efforts have only grown. In our 3 years of growing produce for them we have delivered nearly 8,000 lbs of produce!

Jamestown, N.D. Farm to School Program Receives ‘One in a Melon’ Award

Produce delivered in 2014
Cucumbers: 50 lbs
Tomatoes: 262 lbs
Zucchini: 270 lbs

 Produce delivered in 2015
Carrots: 80 lbs
Bell Peppers: 368 peppers
Cucumbers: 419 lbs
Zucchini: 313 lbs
Cantaloupe: 1,618 lbs
Watermelon: 1,164 lbs
Potatoes: 117 lbs
Tomatoes: 117.5 lbs

Produce delivered in 2016
Carrots: 46.5 lbs
Bell Peppers: 327 peppers
Cucumbers: 266.5 lbs
Zucchini: 341.5 lbs
Cantaloupe: 1,146 lbs
Watermelon: 1,401 lbs
Potatoes: 80.5 lbs
Tomatoes: 152 lbs